Do not take any premium car their to be worked on. I went for a “B” service and had to return 5 times for them to fix a problem they caused. My car still is not running correctly. They were happy to charge my credit card, but never offered to pay for my driveway which had (and still has) oil stains.


Thank you for your thoughtful and courteous service.


I am fully satisfied. The staff are professional and polite.


Friendly professional no shortcuts just honesty which is hard to come by. Thanks again guys.


Great service as usual


Again this year i left the garage to head home to turn around to head back as the air pressure symbol on the dash board went on and would not turn off. Upon heading back the garage brought out the computer to sync the air pressure on each wheel and the issue was corrected. I did mention this while in the waiting room to ensure the dashboard was calibrated and he ensured me the guys are doing a good job this year and remembering on vehicles which are applicable. In addition, the complimentary wash coupon was not offered to me upon paying the bill or upon arriving back at the garage to correct the above issue. Our tire changes over the past 3 years have had hiccups on each visit. Not sure the increase in price is justified. People at work have the same service in Burlington at far cheaper rates...Ancaster has its own pricing at times. Just being honest.


Excellent timely service. They actually suggested doing less than I had originally requested because it wasn't required, very honest. Thanks!


Thanks Andy and Peter for the excellent service yesterday. All the work, including lube job and oil change, general overall checkup, four new tires installed and balanced, plus alignment, were done within the time expected and within the price estimate. Today the car runs and drives fine!


I got a screw in my tire and was close to a cdn tire so I asked them to fix it. They said they couldn’t do it. Glendale is where I usually go so I took a chance and drove to them before my tire deflated. Doug took care of it with no problems. Aside from that, Doug has always given me a few options when I needed my tires changed and never felt pressured. They are very accommodating with scheduling. Andy is very knowledgeable as a service advisor and very easy to talk to. I have 3 different German makes and he knows everything about them. Finding a trustworthy shop is not easy, these guys are trustworthy


No heat in car.Heater block replaced. Service was very good.Nice clean job.