Cars are an expensive necessity - they lose value the moment they’re taken off the lot. Consumers Reports, in ‘What that car really costs to own’, reports ‘In the end, it is almost always less expensive to hang on to your current car than to buy a new one. Even the most-expensive repair bills for an old car can't outweigh the cost of depreciation on a new one.’  It often takes something extreme like a blown engine or transmission to make the cost of repairing a vehicle unreasonable. This is why we, along with NAPA, are promoting a free 10 year/400,000 km engine and transmission warranty.  The 10/400 warranty covers the repair or replacement of critical engine components, including your transmission or transaxle for up to $5000.




Cars, vans or light trucks (below 4500 kg gvw) not used for commercial purposes that have been driven less than 60,000 km and were manufactured within the last 48 months.



  • In order to maintain coverage  you must have regular and continuous service maintenance and repairs performed at Glendale Autopro and Tirecraft or any one of the other 600 NAPA AUTOPRO facilities in Canada.

  • This is to be done in accordance with your vehicle manufacturers’ “severe service” guidelines or as prescribed by your vehicle's Oil Change Monitor.

  • For conventional oil and filter changes at intervals not exceeding 8,000 km or 4 months - whichever occurs first.

  • For synthetic oil and filter changes at intervals not exceeding 10,000 km or 6 months - whichever occurs first.

  • Transmission  fluid and filter changes (as well as transfer case and differential services for AWD vehicles) at intervals not exceeding 100,000 km or 36 months — whichever occurs first.

  • These essentially are the only requirements and they are non-negotiable.

To ensure that coverage is maintained and the warranty remains in force, Glendale Autopro and Tirecraft’s friendly Service Advisors will remind you of any maintenance services that are due.



If you own (or plan to own) a late model vehicle and wish to take good care of it, this no-charge 10 year/400,000 km limited warranty on your engine and transmission is a no brainer!  You’re getting an amazing free warranty just for doing the services you plan to do anyway!   One final amazing thing: the 10/400 Warranty is fully transferable to the next owner -- imagine how this will help your vehicle’s resale value!  



Simply complete and submit our on-line application and enroll -- it takes less than 3 minutes.  Glendale Autopro and Tirecraft Service Advisors can enroll you if you wish. You may opt out of this Limited Warranty at any time without notice -- there's no obligation to continue with the program.  


We recommend that you read the complete list of coverage limits, terms and conditions.  If you have any further questions please ask a friendly Glendale Autopro and Tirecraft Service advisor for clarification.


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