4/22/2018 Robin Gruenwald Doing business at Glendale for a # of years Great service with no issues
4/22/2018 Joan Hutcheson Thank you for the prompt and courteous service both in the shop and on the transportation to and from my residence. I have confidence in your work. The only recommendation I would make refers to snow/regular tire storage. It would be nice to have the rims cleaned before returning them to the customer. They remain dirty after two car washes. Hope your new car wash provides this service.
4/19/2018 Teresa Basilio I have appreciated the service provided by the staff at Glendale Motors until yesterday (April 18th) when I had my winter tires changed over to the all-season tires. The all-season tires/rims that I had stored at your location were badly scratched and damaged which I didn't notice until I got home when my husband and I checked the rims. This poor rating is not based on the service, which was friendly and professional, rather the rating is based on the tire/rim storage which is very disappointing. I have also maintained my vehicle, where most people think it's a brand new GLK. I called today and spoke with Ben who advised that I bring in the vehicle this Saturday because unfortunately, I can't bring it in today or tomorrow because of my work schedule. Ben was most helpful and understanding. He indicated that Dan will take some photos of the rims on Saturday and discuss this situation with Doug (owner) to see what can be done. I also expressed my concern to Ben that we purchased new rims and winter tires at the start of this season with Glendale Motors and now I am concerned about how the new winter rims/tires will be stored and cared for. We can discuss this further when I come in on Saturday, April 21st. Thanks, Teresa
4/16/2018 Anonymous Great job on the oil change
4/15/2018 Anonymous Always excellent service!!
4/14/2018 Catherine Laarman Consistent great service. Ordered parts came in and were installed quickly. A great team.7
4/13/2018 Joseph Woo Great job rebalancing the wheel of my car
4/10/2018 Gail Kendall Ben and Dave could not have been more helpful.One of my tires received a puncture on the way to a medical appointment on Wilson St. As the tire was very flat, I postponed my appointment for fifteen minutes and walked across the street to Glendale Motors. Dave kindly came to look at the tire to see if it was drive-able. He determined it wasn't at which point he came back with a hoist and put on my spare and took the damaged tire for repair. After my appointment I drove the car across the street to find out the tire was not repairable. Then Ben swung into action, explaining my options to me in terms of needing four new tires. After some sleuthing he found/ordered me four appropriate all season radials geared to my needs and pocketbook. I returned a few days later at which point the new tires were put on, the old tires were disposed of and my spare was put back where it belonged. Dave and Ben were amazingly cheerful, patient and competent. And the price was acceptable as well.....with a 112,000 km guarantee. Thanks Dave and Ben. Gail Kendall
4/8/2018 David Molnar great service, as usual.
4/5/2018 Kary Sehl Great service as always
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