6/27/2017 Leah Thank you so much to Dan & Ken for the exceptional service. They listened to me describe my issue and were able to fix the problem immediately. Fast and courteous service.
6/21/2017 Polite, helpful, efficient!
Pleased to hear you were well cared for! Thanks, Doug Kloet, owner - Glendale Motors Inc
6/9/2017 Boris Krasevich Heard what only can be described as metal on metal from my suspension. Booked in to Glendale right away. Estimate came to $1700 with parts and labour. When I picked up vehicle when promised, was told bill was only $900. After replacing several components that corrected the issue, they determined that 2 other procedures/parts were not necessary though saving me the $800!!! What can I say. Was so happy they were able to save me some money. Car runs awesome and no squeaking!!
6/9/2017 Stefan Spicer Excellent and timely service yet again...Thanks Guys!
6/8/2017 Susan Excellent service and very fast too!
6/1/2017 Dick Nichol My car came out wet all over. Dried it off with a towel I keep in the car and it is now the towel is filthy. Big waste of $9.00. Went to office to complain in person, 4 employees and not one would look at me. So disappointed..
Dick, I'm sorry about the wash trouble. As you know people normally love our wash. Today we see that it's not cleaning and drying as well as it should so we'll be fixing it tomorrow. Please come into our office (or call me) so that we can get you a new wash ticket. Thanks, Doug - Glendale Motors Inc
5/22/2017 Walter Boyd We had two appointments within a week. One on May 12th for the 180,000 km check, and one a week later on May 17th to replace a leaking left axle. On both occasions, the service was excellent. We especially appreciated the detailed report emailed to us, once the check-up was complete detailing what was done, what was ok, and any future work that was needed. Much appreciated, Wally and Chris
5/15/2017 J Y Supreme wash was not working properly tonight.
5/9/2017 Carrie Browne Good service,friendly staff
5/8/2017 Brenda Moyer Stopped in to Glendale Motors as my Low Tire Pressure light came on as I traveled to work last week. Discovered polite, young gentlemen who quickly assessed and repaired the problem tire. I ran over a rather large nail on the highway. The repair was completed very quickly and I was on my way.
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