10/16/2017 Grant Harrower They did okay. I would have left a 5 star review if I hadn't have just found my old gas cap unchanged. My review lost 2.5 points because of this. I asked specifically for them to change it when I had my wheels aligned a week ago. They didnt charge me for one. But they didnt change it either. Make sure when you go here to leave specific instructions written and reiterated or they may not do what you want them to. On the side of glendale motors: listen to the customer very carefully. Do not make assumptions. And most importantly ask the specific questions.
Grant, sorry for the oversight. Clearly we don't succeed when we fail to do what customers ask for! We'll talk about this here and ensure it doesn't happen again. Thanks, Doug Kloet, Owner - Glendale Motors Inc
10/14/2017 Stuart Murray 100 per cent PLUS !
10/12/2017 Kurt Stahle Ben was able to track down a discontinued rim for my winter tires. Fast and professional service. A pleasure to do business with!
10/11/2017 Matt G Excellent service and staff!
10/6/2017 Mike Haley Andy was great. Not the first time we have been to Glendale or used Andy, and it won’t be the last. Very honest and easy to deal with.
10/5/2017 Tracey Babineau I am a woman who got stranded in Ancaster with my car I had had for only 2 days. The left front axle broke and the car would not move. These guys, Thank god, were located across the street where it happen. I hollered across the street for a young man from there to come and please help me. He called a few co-workers 4 guys to come and help. These guys pushed the car across the street, put it up on the hoist thing, and found the problem right away. The previous owner of the car said she would pay for the work on the condition it was taken back to the mechanic that certified it did the repairs, she also paid for the towing. These sweet guys called a tow truck for me, were awsome and for all the time they spent on my car when I asked how much I owed them, THEY SAID NOTHING, ZERO, ZIP. This was about 2 weeks ago and I just wanted to tell them how wonderful they were and how much I appreciated the help and patience they showed me that day. THANKS GUYS, AGAIN YOU WERE AWSOME, IF I LIVED IN YOUR AREA, YOU WOULD BE MY CAR GUYS. HAPPY THANKSGIVING, AND I GIVE THANKS FOR YOUR RESCUING ME ON THAT DAY. Tracey Babineau
10/3/2017 Excellent service and very knowledgeable staff (Andy)
9/29/2017 Alan Watson Great service. Friendly, helpful and efficient. Thanks.
9/27/2017 Anonymous The team took care of my oil change fast and in a professional manner - thanks Ben and associates.
9/26/2017 Libby Stirrup Great service as always. That is why you have been servicing our cars for 19 years
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